Best CBD Bath Bombs Review: CBD Bath Products for Stress Relief & Relaxation

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs can make your daily bath a fun and relaxing experience. The best CBD bath bombs can soothe your tired muscles and help you attain a sense of calm. 

CBD bath bombs let you benefit from CBD’s healing properties while enjoying your luxurious bath. Let’s take a closer look at the best CBD bath bombs available in the market. These are the ones that you’ll likely see if you search the internet for the “best CBD bath bombs near me.”

6 Top-Rated CBD Oil Bath Bombs

#1. Kush Queen - Awaken CBD Bath Bomb

Awaken CBD Bath Bomb

Awaken CBD Bath Bomb is an ideal bath companion when you’re tired from a busy day at work. It has a peppermint oil infusion that can help you get into a relaxed mood. Each of these cannabis bath bombs contains 25 mg of CBD without THC.

Kush Queen uses hemp-derived CBD grown without the use of harmful pesticides. To ensure its products’ potency and safety, Kush Queen has a third-party laboratory that tests all of its products. You can see the test results on Kush Queen’s website, where you can verify that their products are free from any harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

#2. Blue Ridge Hemp - CBD Bath Bomb Joint Care

CBD Bath Bomb Joint Care

A good long soak using Blue Ridge Hemp’s CBD Bath Bomb Joint Care is the perfect day to end your day. It has an infusion of cypress essential oil and pine essential oil, well-known for their anti-inflammatory and joint pain-relieving properties. CBD oil bath bomb also contains Pacific sea salt that helps heal damaged skin.

Blue Ridge Help uses 99.7% pure CBD isolate for their marijuana bath bombs. The hemp that they use is vegan and non-GMO. If you need CBD’s pain-relieving properties but are not fond of CBD vape oils or CBD gummies, this is an excellent alternative.

#3. cbdMD - CBD Bath Bomb Romance

If you’re looking for a weed bath bomb that can help ease your mind and possibly get you into a romantic mood, then you need to try cbdMD’s Bath Bomb Romance. It contains essential oils that revitalize and relax. 

Bath Bomb Romance also has Epsom salts that are great for your skin. It doesn’t have any artificial dyes or preservatives, so there’s no need to worry about stains when you use it. Each bath bomb has 100 mg of THC-free CBD derived from USA hemp. An ISO-certified third-party laboratory tests each product to ensure quality and safety.

#4. Life Elements - CBD Bath Bombs

If you need to unwind and relax those sore muscles, then Life Elements’ CBD Bath Bombs might be what you need. These CBD-infused bath bombs come in three strength levels, so you can choose one that’s just right for you. You can buy these at 50 mg, 100 mg, or 200 mg strength levels. The maximum strength of 200 mg bath bomb is ideal for those who need pain relief for Fibromyalgia but do not like the taste of CBD oil.

Life Elements uses broad-spectrum CBD oil. Its bath bombs also contain oatmeal, goat milk, and vitamin E that’s great for your skin. These medicated bath bombs have an infusion of Eucalyptus oil, Ylang Ylang oil, and Sunflower Seed oil that can help you feel a sense of calm.

#5. Joy Organics - Premium CBD Bath Bombs

Joy Organics

If you want a CBD bath bomb with a light formulation, then Joy Organics’ CBD Bath Bombs is something that you need to try. Each bath bomb has 25 mg of CBD. That’s just the right amount to help you achieve total relaxation. It also has an infusion of Lavender oil that intensifies the sense of calm that it provides.

These non-THC bath bombs contain broad-spectrum CBD. Joy Organics’ CBD bath bomb recipe also includes Organic Coconut oil and organic Cocoa Seed butter to help make your skin healthier.

#6. Mirai Clinical - CBD Bath Bomb (in 3 Scents)

If you haven’t tried CBD bath bombs before and are unsure of the scent that will suit you, try Mirai Clinical’s CBD Bath Bomb. Each package comes with three popular bath bomb scents. These scents are Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Lemongrass. These bath bombs are free from any preservatives that may harm your skin.

Each Mirai Clinical CBD Bath Bomb contains 35 mg of CBD that can help soothe muscles. It also has an infusion of Coconut oil and Epsom salt that can be healthy for your skin. These bath bombs are 100% vegan and do not contain harmful ingredients. 

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits:
How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath products like bath bombs deliver the same benefits that other CBD products provide. CBD bath bomb benefits include pain-relief and anti-inflammation. CBD bath bombs can also promote relaxation and work as a sleep aid.

CBD works by getting absorbed into the human body. With CBD oil, the user needs to ingest it either by directly placing it into the mouth or mixing it with food or drinks. In the case of CBD bath bombs, the CBD component gets absorbed through the skin.

The potency of CBD in bath bombs gets diffused since CBD gets mixed into the water. This means that a 500 mg CBD bath bomb doesn’t mean that you’re absorbing the entire 500 mg. You’re most likely absorbing just a fraction of its CBD content.

CBD-infused Bath Bomb Ingredients:
What to Look for When Shopping for CBD Bath Bombs?

When looking for CBD bath bombs for sale, check the CBD’s use and potency. If you’re wondering, “do CBD bath bombs make you high?” then the answer is no. THC is the marijuana component that is psychoactive and not CBD.

Most expensive bath bombs also include essential oils and vitamins and minerals that can help make your skin healthier.

Key Takeaways

CBD bath bombs are great if you want to make your bath even more relaxing. It gives you a way to absorb CBD if you don’t like ingesting CBD oil. They are safe to use, but it will be best to consult your doctor before using it the next time you take a long soak.


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